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Kyocera - a better copier.

The Kyocera line of multifunction copiers are in a class of their own.  These machines were specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of today's users.  We here at [MyCompany] are proud to carry the Kyocera line and we guarantee that this machine combined with our unbeatable service will provide you with the most reliable solution you'll find anywhere in [MyState].

Key benefits and features of owning a Kyocera copier:

  • Reliability - depend on [MyCompany] to deliver outstanding service and support for your Kyocera
  • Costs - lower your total cost of ownership by increasing productivity and decreasing downtime 
  • Multifunction - one machine for quickly and securely copying, printing, scanning and faxing
  • Color - print professional quality color in-house and on-demand for a lot less than you think
  • Speed - the Kyocera line of copiers can print anywhere from 25 pages to 100 pages a minute

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